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About me

I am currently studying a part-time Foundation Computer Science Degree in Swansea University while working as an electrical supervisor for the family business. I started learning C# three years ago and fell in love with coding. I have continually developed my skills since, most recently learning Java at uni, and now have a good knowledge of Java, C++, C#, ASP.NET MVC, HTML and CSS.

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MVC Forum

A discussion forum written using the ASP.NET MVC framework. Ninject is used for dependency injection.

Users can register/login and create/edit posts on the forum. Guests can view current discussions only.

Quote Manager

Java Quote Manager

A quote manager created in Java.

Saves/loads a list of quotes. Create new quote and search for existing quotes.

Boiler Controller

Raspberry Pi Boiler Controller

A web interface for turning heating and hot water on

Built on CivetWeb, a C++ embedded web server. Timer for turning heating/water on at specific times. Connects wirelessly to Arduino temperature sensors to display the temperature in the house and outisde over the last 24 hours. Temperature readings are stored in a SQLite databse


Icing to Slicing

Mockup website for a company that creates wedding cakes.